How To Do Telemedicine (This is the Future)

So what exactly is “Telemedicine”? It falls under the general umbrella of “Telehealth”, but focuses mainly on the virtual delivery of medical prescription.

It’s typically done with existing patients, where you have the option to work with them wherever you are and wherever they are.

The setup is mutually advantageous. You get location independence while your patients get expert medical advice and prescription from the comforts of their own home or even while on vacation.

Because, let’s face it, visiting medical clinics is not exactly an experience that most of us look forward to. Appointments are usually delayed, you sit in a waiting room with other potentially sick people, and there’s nothing to do but read old magazines for hours.

What telemedicine offers are the 2 most basic human desires in this new online world we live in: speed and convenience.

An online setup opens up a host of other options for you, like building a virtual practice where you are no longer limited by what you can do with your hands or what your designation demands.

In the online space, you can function as a coach, where you can help as many people as your expertise can allow you to.

The possibilities are boundless.

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What You Missed

Getting more patients to your clinic is all about marketing. And to be good at marketing, you have to realize that you’re more than a practitioner.

You have to think like the business owner that you are.

When it comes to marketing your health or coaching practice, there really are 2 main choices you have to make. Do you go with paid marketing or free marketing?

Each choice has its own advantages, depending on how fast or slow the results are.

There are “free and slow” strategies like handing out flyers, giving free talks, posting on social media organically, blogging, and posting videos on YouTube. No one becomes an influencer overnight, so I do not recommend these strategies.

There are “fast and free” routes, however, that are proven to work. An example is an orchestrated referral system, where you turn your patients or clients into partners with you in bringing other people into your practice. You can also leverage your email list or contacts and use email or text campaigns to increase your bookings instantly.

There are also a handful of “paid and slow” strategies, like direct mail and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s ranking on Google. But these generally take a lot of time to develop and produce results.

Then there’s “paid and fast”, which is the holy grail of health practice marketing. It involves using Facebook ads, which are designed to get your message in front of the exact people you want to speak to. And all it takes is literally a push of a button. It’s almost like 24/7 digital salespeople working for you!

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