Hey, hey, hey Healthprenurs! What’s up? In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you how to get your first clients, and specifically if you’re in a position where you have more time than you have money.

For instance. Maybe you’ve just started your business, and you’re in a position where you don’t have a ton of money to invest in your business or buy ads, buy traffic, et cetera, and you still want an effective way to get clients.

If that’s you, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I have to share with you in this episode that will help you get your first clients.

And you can do this without having a website or a funnel.

Tune in as I share with you exactly how to do this.

In This Episode I discuss:

01:14 – 02:21 – Does This Sound Like You?

02:21 – 04:32 – The Only Two Ways You Can Build Your Business

04:32 – 06:10 – Number One Thing You Need To Think About Out Of The Gate

06:10 – 08:20 – How Dan Made $12K In His First Week

08:20 – 17:11 – First Client Formula


What’s going on, gang? Yuri, here. Welcome back to another special episode. If you’re watching this inside the Facebook Group, welcome. Let me know where you’re joining in from. Just hit me up in the comments below. If you’re listening to this on iTunes, our audio podcast, or watching this on YouTube, welcome as well.

Does This Sound Like You?

In this episode, I’m going to share with you how to get your first clients, and specifically if you’re in a position where you have more time than you have money. So just a real quick overview of why this is important. You have a coaching “business.” Business in quotes, right? So you’re an expert. Maybe you’ve just started your business, maybe you’re in a position where you don’t have a ton of money to invest in your business or buy ads, buy traffic, et cetera, and you still want an effective way to get clients.

And this is one of the most common challenges that people in our community keep coming to us with, is like, “Listen, I’d love to work with you, but I’m just not in a position to do the full thing right now. Is there anything else that you have that can help you get started?” So we kind of do and it’s coming out at the beginning of July. I’ll tell you more about that in a second. But first and foremost, I want to give you a bit of a perspective or a paradigm shift to think about.

The Only Two Ways You Can Build Your Business

So you have two options. When you’re building your business, you have two ways to build your business. You can use money and you can use time. Those are the only two ways you can move anything forward. Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you want to be leveraging other people and in terms of their time, but also you want me to leveraging money. You want to be using your money to invest in your business to help it accelerate and scale.

I appreciate that not everyone’s there to begin with. Listen, when I started my business in 2006 I had zero dollars. I had nothing. I invested whatever I had into my business. Maybe it was $2,000. I don’t even know. The thing is I only had one option for those first couple of years, which was to use my time and my effort to build a business. Now, if I had access to a program like HBA, our Health Business Accelerator, back in the day, I probably, hopefully, knowing what I know now would’ve joined that program because it’s amazing. It’s like putting gasoline on a fire to get your results so much faster because what HBA does is, it helps you leverage capital instead of your time.

A lot of people we work with in HBA don’t want to spend a lot of their time manually trying to get clients, so HBA helps you build a system that does that for you. But we understand that not everyone is in the position to be able to work with us in that capacity or deploy that kind of system, which relies on Facebook Ads, which means spending some money, et cetera. So if you’re in the position where you want to get clients, you want to start making money, but you have more time than you do money than what I’m about to share with you will make a lot of sense.

If you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t have a lot of money, then I’m not too sure what else to tell you because it’s got to be one or the other. You have to carve out the time to build your dream, even if it’s one or two hours a day, you have to take the time now. you have to start building your fortune on a part-time basis so that eventually what you’re doing full-time becomes irrelevant.

Number One Thing You Need To Think About Out Of The Gate

So number one thing that you need to think about when you are starting to get clients is number one, obviously, you have to identify who you want to help, right? You can just help everyone even though you can, it doesn’t mean you should. I’ve created a number of different trainings and videos on narrowing your niche down.

So let’s say that you’ve identified that you can help a specific group of people who have a very specific problem. That’s the first place you have to start.  Because everything I’m about to share with you makes no sense at all if you can’t zero in your messaging to help a very specific group of people.

So once you’ve identified that, then it’s about, “Okay, well, I know who I want to serve. I know what the problem is that I’m solving. I have a rough idea of how I’m going to coach clients to their outcome. So how do I get them? How do I go about getting them?” Well, here’s the thing is I believe the best way to get clients is to pay for them, which means that you run Facebook Ads and pretty much all of our clients come from that, which is amazing. But again, as I said before, not everyone’s in that position. So what do you do instead? Well, you have to understand that if that is the case if you are in the position where you cannot invest in stuff like that, you have to understand that you need to work with what you have. And what you have right now might be a bit of a following. It might be a group of previous clients or friends and family or whatever. And you have time because you have to use time if you don’t have money, otherwise, you can’t build your business.

How Dan Made $12K In His First Week

Let me share a story with you. One of our clients who’s now on our mastermind, Dan, when he first started with me, he actually joined our HBA program. And we helped him build his perfect client pipeline. But one of the first things that he did in the first week was what I’m about to suggest to you. He’s building his pipeline, so that’s kind of working on the background, and in the meantime, we give all our clients in our HBA program a really amazing messaging script called Start of the Conversational Close.

Dan has a bit of a following and he deploys this. He’s got a couple thousand people on his email list. He’s got people that follow him on Facebook, obviously, and he deploys this and the first week he enrolled six clients at $2,000 a piece, made $12,000 in his first week even before his pipeline was deployed, even before he was spending money on ads. And that is what I want to share with you here is that what Dan did in that first week is exactly what you must do from day one if you want to get clients the manual way.

But here’s the challenge.  You’ve probably heard a lot of people talk about posting in Facebook Groups, troll the Facebook Groups, post tons of content online, build a blog, create YouTube videos, all that kind of stuff and listen you can do that. But the challenge with that is you’re playing against algorithms. I don’t recommend building content the way that I built content for my blog, which is very organic, SEO-driven. I actually recommend that all of the content that you create is socially driven. And what that means is that if you have more time than money right now you have to play on social and that means you need to have some type of schedule that is consistent on either Facebook or Instagram or both in a way that adds value to people and that is going to start to engage them in a conversation with you.

First Client Formula

When I started Healthpreneur, one of the things that I did kind of backwards was I didn’t really build an audience before we put on our first big event. And so that’s kind of challenging when you want to fill an event with 150 people and you have zero audience, and the event is 2,000 a pop. It’s a bit of a challenge. And so what I did was I said to myself, “All right, dude, you don’t have a big following, but you need about 150 people at this event. So what are you going to do?” And what I did is exactly what you’ll get access to in our new program called First Client Formula. Inside that program, the nature of that program is to help you get your first dozen or more coaching clients without spending a dime on ads, SEO, complicated tech, or even needing a signature program.

It’s as bare bones as it can possibly get to help you build relationships, provide value, and have conversations that lead to enrollments. And I’m going to walk you through everything you need to do. I’m going to show you the blueprints. I’m going to walk you through the frameworks. You’re going to get templates, scripts, the whole thing. What we used in our business to fill our first Healthpreneur live event from zero people to, I believe we had about 90-people at our first event, and those 90-people all enrolled based on the process I’m going to be teaching you in First Client Formula. It’s the same process that Dan used in the Conversational Close in his first week to make $12,000 in five days.

So if you have any degree of people that follow you on Facebook, like friends or you have a Facebook page with some likes and followers or you have any number of followers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, you name it, this program is going to help you.

If you have any degree of an email list, a 100 people, a 1,000 people, however many, this program is going to help you really identify the select group of people in those small communities, your email lists, social, et cetera, that you can tap into to really get a conversation going with them to see if they’d be a good fit to work with you. So at the end of the day, this is going to help you stop chasing clients and allow you to pick and choose who you want to work with, instead of having to chase people down forever. It’s going to allow you to turn your phone or your computer into a cash machine where you are putting out intelligent content in a way that is not time-consuming, but adds value to people’s lives and starts to engage with them in a degree of dialogue that’s going to lead to an enrollment, not in all cases, but in a good percentage of them.

It’s going to help you build a foundation so that you can become a superstar in your niche. And that over time continues to build and build and build your authority so that people start to knock on your door to want to work with you instead of again, you chasing people around. And I think also really importantly, it’s going to show other people that you finally made it. If you’ve had a lot of naysayers in your life, people telling you like, “You can’t do this,” or, “This didn’t work out,” whatever then I think this will really, really help you kind of silence those naysayers.

So First Client Formula is going to give you the no-nonsense bare-bones approach, the manual efforting way without again, burning yourself out of the process. It’s a very intelligent system. It just requires you to do some work instead of allowing systems in Facebook, for instance, to do the work to get your first dozen or so clients without spending any money on your business.

You don’t even need a website. You don’t need any funnels. You need none of that stuff. You just have to be able to have people to get in front of and I’ll show you exactly what to do. This is the same process Dan used to get his first clients, $12,000 in the first week. It’s the same process we used to fill Healthpreneur live, 90-people paying about $2,000 each. Our first event when we had zero following, and it’s how I filled all of my workshops when I first started doing them seven years ago. So you’re going to be getting  years of in-the-trenches proven strategies that you can do  immediately to start getting your first couple of clients. And we still do this in our business to some degree, but the reason we’re putting this out now to our community is because we’ve just heard from so many of you that you don’t have a ton of money to invest in your business, but you still want a way to get clients. And so this is exactly why we developed it and we’ve developed it specifically for you if that’s the situation you’re in.

So here’s what to do next, around this video if you’re watching this, there’s a link, click on that link. It’ll take you over to our pre-sale page and I’ll just show you on the screen what this looks like. There we go. So you’ll see this page. It says, “Opening Monday, July 1st, First Client Formula.” What you’re going to do if you are interested in this, and you’re interested in really getting your feet wet, getting those first couple of clients coming in the door. Honestly, even if you have clients but they’re not consistent and you just need a better way of bringing clients into your business, this is going to be a game changer for you. So if you’re interested in saving 51% off the general public price, this is a great opportunity. This is only going to be offered to the first 100 people. So if you go to this page, and if you’re listening to this on the podcast, it’s going to be healthpreneurgroup.com/F as in First, C as in Client, f as in Formula. So healthpreneurgroup.com/fcf and you’ll end up on this page.

Once you’re there, click on the button that says, “Count me in,” and we’ll just ask you for your name, email, and phone number so we can let you know, before anyone else, that this is live and that you will get access if you’re one of the first 100 people to take action to a 51% discount off the regular price of this program when it goes live to the public a couple of days after July 1st, so that’s the news. That’s what I want to share with you and this is something that I think will make a big difference for a lot of people watching this and a lot of people listening to this because we know that this is a really, really great way of generating clients.

It’s not something I would recommend you do for the rest of your life. This is something you could delegate to someone else on your team eventually as you build up more systems and automation in your business. But for getting started and for generating a good amount of income, even if it’s five to six, seven, $10,000 a month, this can help you do that, so that’s the news. Really excited to share this with you guys. Again, it’s going to be going live Monday, July 1st. If you want in, the first 100 people will be getting a 51% discount off the regular price. Go to healthpreneurgroup.com/fcf and that’s the deal.

All right guys, so if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below for watching us inside the group. If you’re listening to this on the podcast you know where to go. Monday, July 1st, first 100 people will be getting this discount and this is going to be great. They seem to be big for you. It’s going to be big for your business and stay tuned for more details. Be sure to jump on the list and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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