How to Start a Virtual Practice (6 Steps to Success)

Whether you call it Telemedicine, Telehealth, or Virtual care, there’s no denying the new reality: Virtual Practices are here to stay.

COVID-19 has made this new reality more obvious. And what health professionals all over the world have learned is that, if you don’t have a virtual practice, or at least a virtual component to your existing brick and mortar practice, then you are one pandemic away being out of business.

There is understandably a lot of resistance to virtual practices, as they stand against the accepted paradigm of treating patients in person. But while there will always be value in hands-on patient care, a virtual practice does open up many possibilities for practitioners who want to help more people and earn more money.

In fact, more and more hands-on practitioners – acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc. – are going virtual because they want to scale beyond the four walls of their clinics.

So if you want location independence and a higher ceiling in terms of people served and revenue earned, then here are the 6 steps you need to take to build a successful virtual practice:

  1. A single target market – since there are no walk-ins or word of mouth online, you have to narrow down your audience so that you can market more efficiently.
  2. Dream Come True System – an automated curriculum or program that leverages your expertise, and acts as the bridge between people’s problems and your offered solution.
  3. Predictable Prospecting – putting your message out on Facebook, who will work for you to make sure your message is put in front of your ideal patients.
  4. Teach To Sell – a webinar where you provide value and goodwill that will serve as the basis of future conversation.
  5. Ask and Assess – an online form that people fill out so you can gauge whether or not they are the perfect fit to work with you.
  6. Coach to Close – this is the culmination of all your marketing where you talk to people over the phone and close the deal.

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What You Missed

Marketing is very critical – yes, even for chiropractors. Marketing is basically everything that people see, hear, and read about your clinic before a selling even starts.

So if you hate selling, you need to prioritize marketing. Because the more effective your marketing is, the less you need to sell.

Don’t rely too much on word of mouth. Those things come and go and you have no control over it. What you need is to seize control of your business.

So how do you do that without being too pushy or sales-y? There are 3 very important elements of chiropractic marketing:

  1. Being Present – Make sure you’re the top of mind in your niche. And you can do that by…
  2. Being Helpful – Provide consistent value to your target audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Remember: you are more than what you do with your hands.
  3. Being Willing To Pay To Play – The reality is that to get your message and content across to your target market as efficiently as possible, you need to be willing to spend money. You pay rent for your clinic and pay all kinds of operational expenses. Why not pay for your marketing?

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