How to Treat Patients Online (The Video Every Practitioner Needs to See)

Traditionally speaking, medical practitioners get paid for what they do. As a medical practitioner, you have a lot of knowledge, however, you end up trading time for money.

When you think about it, you should be getting paid for what you KNOW, not what you DO.

This is the idea of either transitioning to virtual services or adding virtual service to what you are currently doing.

There are ways you can help your patients online in a way that you would be surprised at how beneficial the outcomes can be for you patients or clients.

There are so many benefits to treating people online. The only thing holding you back from treating people online is your imagination.

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What You Missed

In this video I’m going to take you into the core pillars you need to know in order to effectively market your chiropractic practice.

Pillar #1 – The Profit Pillar  

This is your Sales and Marketing pillar. Think of this a converting prospects into patients

Pillar #2 – The People Pillar

This is about your team, systems and operations. This allows you to build a practice that doesn’t rely 100% on you.

Pillar #3 – The Product 

This is the service.  The delivery of what you do. 

There are three accelerators within the Profit Pillar.

  1. You need to have a predictable flow of patients and prospects coming to your practice.  Your pipeline so to speak. 
  2. You need to nurture leads over time.
  3. Enroll patients

You need to focus on having a predictable pipeline of patient leads rather than relying on word of mouth. And that is what we specialize in.      

It’s like having a well oiled marketing machine that brings patients into your practice.

If you’d like to go deeper into this, we have a FREE training called The Profitable Practice Method you can watch by click on this link →