Do you want a simple way to really cast yourself away from the competition, and to failure proof your business? Well here’s how. Don’t copy the competition. Model or copy Disney.

Let me tell you what that means.

So if you look at Disney, Disney is not cheap. If you’ve been there, it can cost quite a bit of money. But they’re doing pretty well. They’re doing very, very well. And people from all over the world will fly in to Disneyland or Disney World to enjoy the magic, to enjoy the experience. And that’s the opportunity so why not copy that type of model as opposed to worrying about what other people are charging?

People Will Pay More For The Experience

I was at Epcot about a year ago with my kids and we went on this amazing ride I forget the name of it. But it was what I think movies are going to become in the next couple of years. We’re sitting on suspended seats and there was this huge movie screen in front of us. And all of a sudden we kind of were lifted off the ground and were going through the movie screen almost, as almost like a fly on the nose of an airplane. We’re flying through the Himalayas, through the plains in central Canada, whatever. And we come across the Taj Mahal. And as soon as we get to the Taj Mahal all of a sudden it starts to smell like jasmine. And I’m like this is amazing. So they brought in our senses of smell into a movie like experience. And I was like this is incredible.

Setting The Bar Higher

Now obviously as a coach we’re not talking about doing that. You could if you wanted to in some way, shape, or form. But I want you to think about setting the bar higher. Setting the bar higher for yourself means don’t worry about what other people are doing. Don’t worry about what other businesses are doing. Because honestly most people are doing just enough to be good enough. They’re mediocre. The standard nowadays, not just for coaching but just in general, hotels, restaurants, is so mediocre, it’s so average that it is so easy to stand out.

I’ll give you another great example. We used to go to this Italian restaurant in Toronto years ago. We used to go every single week, at least once a week. For years. Now, a really simple thing they could have done is knowing every single time after dinner I would order tiramisu. So maybe once every six months or so they could have been like “Hey, you know what, we’ll take care of the dessert tonight. It’s on us.” Such a small, simple act. Did they ever care to do that? No. Have we gone back to that restaurant since? Nope. They have probably lost thousands of dollars in business just because they didn’t think of little things to make their client’s experience just a little bit more magical.

So I want you to raise your standards, raise the bar in your business, and think a little bit more like Disney as opposed to comparing yourself to most mediocre businesses that you come across every single day.

If you agree with me let me know in the comments below. I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

What business you may have done business with, whether it’s a theme park or a brand, that has really wowed your expectations and has really been a pleasant surprise? I’d love to know in the comments below and I hope this has helped you out.


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