Lauren Smith is the founder of Modern Collective, a creative event planning agency that specializes in developing and executing unique, mind-blowing, and memorable events. 

An event and travel entrepreneur with a mission, Lauren and her team help entrepreneurs build connections within their communities so that they can strengthen the relationships of their teams. 

She is a passionate planner who loves bringing people together to create incredible experiences, and she does so with a personal touch. 

On a personal level, Lauren has always believed in dreaming big and having a laser focus on seeing her goals come to fruition. A vision-driven entrepreneur,  Lauren is thoughtful, dedicated, and mindful of having a special touch in her career and in her life. 

A big believer in the power of a positive mindset, Lauren Smith has harnessed the power of positivity and has consistently shown up for herself professionally and personally.  Her tenacity and her willingness to grow and learn through life’s challenges are why she’s so successful today.

Connect With Lauren Smith

Instagram: @moderncollective_

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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:04  —  Introducing Lauren Smith

01:05 – 03:01  — How Lauren navigated 2020 as an event and travel space entrepreneur.

03:02 – 05:01  — Why Lauren registered Modern Collective as a travel agency at the height of the pandemic  

05:02 – 07:01  — Why Lauren believes in mastering your mindset and outlook. 

07:02 – 08:52  — Lauren shares her daily practice to maintain a positive mindset. 

08:53 – 10:21 —  Materials and experiences that have shaped her journey and development. 

10:22 – 12:33  —  The moment that left a lasting impact on Lauren and her career.  

12:34 – 13:41  — Why creating moments is so important. 

13:42 – 1736  — What Lauren has learned from great thought leaders 

17:37 – 18:44  —  Where opportunities are for entrepreneurs today. 

00:00 – 19:37  —  What return to life will look like

19:38 – 20:58  —  Discussing human nature and how were inherently social 

20:59 – 22:53  — Lauren shares her favourite experiences that she and her team have created. 

22:54 – 24:11  — Lauren’s tips for how to create a personal experience. 

24:12 – 24:40  — Where to find Lauren 




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Ashley helped Tower grow 500% within its first year in business, making them the fastest-growing private company in San Diego, California.  

Today, Ashley’s passion is two-fold: she helps catapult ambitious, heart-centered women so they can be seen, fired up, and activated in their lives, and she helps conscious and compassionate female entrepreneurs set their brand on fire and achieve everything they desire, making a massive impact in the process. 

Ashley is successful because she operates on fire. She fully earns her clients’ trust by working hard and throwing herself into helping her clients reach their goals. 

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