How to Get Patients (And Why Word of Mouth is a Death Trap)

There are two ways to think about getting more patients:  Existing and New.

Your existing are the patients you currently serve and existing prospects such as people who may be on your email list, who may have called your practice or opted in for something you were giving away online.

If you have people on an email, that is most often the most overlooked opportunity to get new patients. This can be very effective if done correctly.

Another way to connect with your list is by sending a text message. 

When it comes to getting new patients, we have what we call the “Appointment Funnel” which is a system to help you get appointments booked.

This is done leveraging Facebook Ads.  This is a more predictable way of getting patients without having to rely on word of mouth.

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What You Missed

Traditionally speaking, medical practitioners get paid for what they do. As a medical practitioner, you have a lot of knowledge, however, you end up trading time for money.

When you think about it, you should be getting paid for what you KNOW, not what you DO.

This is the idea of either transitioning to virtual services or adding virtual service to what you are currently doing.

There are ways you can help your patients online in a way that you would be surprised at how beneficial the outcomes can be for you patients or clients.

There are so many benefits to treating people online. The only thing holding you back from treating people online is your imagination.

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