In today’s episode we take a deep dive with Tanya Paynter, an Naturopathic Doctor who is looking to extend her reach outside her local community to help women who suffer from fibromyalgia and the symptoms associated with it.

To help her out, we took a look at her current business model to determine what’s working, what’s not working and what she can do to help grow her reach and her business.

Like so many starting out, Tanya went the route of posting content organically which no longer works with the recent changes Google has made in the search function of health and wellness websites giving preference to medical sites such as WebMd.

To help get her content out to more people, we introduced Tanya to our 4 step process that will help get her out in front of her ideal client in a way that will turn prospects into clients.

Tune in to find out what action steps you can implement to get your content out to more people, grow your social following and your business.

In This Episode Tanya and I discuss:

01:22 – 2:49 – Introducing Tanya

02:50 – 04:44 – Tanya’s Current Business Model

04:44 – 7:40 – Analyzing Her Business Model Metrics

07:40 – 13:16 – Creating A Structured Content Strategy

13:16 – 16:05 – Building Out Social Content vs. Blog Content

16:05 – 24:44 – How Our 4 Step Process Has Can Quickly Scale Tanya’s Business

24:44 – 28:57 – The Only Three Things That Matters

28:57 – 33:17 – Big Takeaways And Action Steps


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What You Missed

Our last episode was a deep dive with another awesome client of ours, Jack who is looking to help emotional eaters lose weight.

His main sticking point is around the delivery of the coaching in a way so that it doesn’t overwhelm him or maybe even his clients as well.

Tune in as we talk about how to build a business from scratch using Facebook Groups, setting your price point, scaling your business without burning out and much more.