I’m excited to bring to today’s episode Natalie Garcia who is the co-founder of an amazing platform called Practice Better.

When Natalie had first gotten into the business as a health practitioner, she saw how over whelming the amount of work that goes into seeing each client and realizing that not only is it not manageable, it is not sustainable.

Natalie quickly realized that health and wellness practices were lacking systems to help support their businesses.

While there were tools out there, they didn’t seem disjointed and didn’t speak to one another.

What Natalie did was create a solution from her frustrations and co-founded Practice Better which takes care of a lot of the admin work from systemization to documentation and much more.

Natalie talked about the “must haves” your business needs to have in place to create a positive experience for the client. Not only does this create a positive customer experience, it also frees up a lot of your time from doing the manual legwork.

If you’re interested in learning more at Practice Better you can find them at https://practicebetter.io/

In This Episode Natalie and I discuss:

01:24 – 05:02 -Introducing Natalie And A Void She Saw In The Marketplace

05:01 – 05:27 – Creating A Solution Out of Frustration

05:27 – 16:00 – The Most Essential Components To Running A Business

16:00 – 17:31 –  How Practice Better Has Scaled And Taken On A Life Of It’s Own

17:31 – 20: 49 – Who Is This Platform For?

20:49 – 22:39 – How to Learn More About Practice Better


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Like most people, Amelia had been sharing and posting content organically hoping to get found.

We had an in-depth conversation about how to use Facebook Ads to send to your Perfect Client Pipeline and using this method to share your content in a way that motivates people to buy using “empathy”.

If posting blog content and posting organically on Facebook is not getting you where you want to be and you want to know how to go about attracting your ideal client in the simplest way possible, this episode is for you.