Ashley Hann is an online branding and marketing expert, coach, best-selling author, speaker, podcast host, and mission-driven entrepreneur. 

A tenacious go-getter, Ashley first entered the online marketing arena in 2012 as the high-level marketing aid of Tower Paddle Boards, an ABC Shark Tank company backed by Mark Cuban. 

Ashley helped Tower grow 500% within its first year in business, making them the fastest-growing private company in San Diego, California.  

Today, Ashley’s passion is two-fold: she helps catapult ambitious, heart-centered women so they can be seen, fired up, and activated in their lives, and she helps conscious and compassionate female entrepreneurs set their brand on fire and achieve everything they desire, making a massive impact in the process. 

Ashley is successful because she operates on fire. She fully earns her clients’ trust by working hard and throwing herself into helping her clients reach their goals.


Connect With Ashley Hann

Instagram: @ ashley.hann


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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:14 —  Introducing Ashley Hann

01:15 – 03:49 —  How Ashley got the Tower position 

03:50 – 05:06 —  How she grew Tower by 500%

05:07 – 07:44 —  On her self-assurance, where the magic happens, & delusional optimism. 

07:45 – 09:45 —  On feelings of optimism and certainty, & bringing things to life from an early age 

09:45 – 12:17 —  Overcoming unfortunate circumstances and transforming pain to purpose.

12:18 – 14:10 —  Why you have to hit rock bottom to get to the top. 

14:11 – 16:03 —  Valuing growth in people and new environments & transformation as a lifestyle 

16:04 – 17:07 —  The value of investing in a coach.

17:08 – 19:33 —  What Ashely’s doing now and the change she wants to bring about today. 

19:34 – 21:25 —  The importance of women standing in their power. 

21:26 – 24:17 —  The balance and harmony of being a woman.  

24:18 – 26:36 —   What Ashely’s excited about in 2021, personally and on a global scale. 

26:37 – 29:41 —   Reflecting on 2020 as a learning process and opportunity to transform.

29:41 – 32:30 —   Where you can find Ashley



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