STOP Spending Money On Unqualified Leads!

Here’s the secret: If you want better people at the party, you need to send out a better invitation.

That‘s the key right there. To get quality leads, you need A+ healthcare marketing to draw them in. The problem that many business owners run into is that they get high traffic with very low conversion, or even high conversion but still end up with unqualified leads. Why does this happen? And how can you actually make sure you get better leads for your business?

Well, there are a couple of issues in your healthcare marketing that might be causing this.

First, keep your messaging in check. If you’re paying too much for leads and you’re getting the wrong people on the phone, it just might be off. Better messaging results in better leads because if you know exactly what resonates with your ideal clients, you can attract them. Messaging will always matter the most in attracting quality leads through your healthcare marketing strategy — even over the medium or platform that you use.

Second, you might just be making it too easy for people to enter your funnel. The thing is, the more you get people to jump through hoops, the more committed they’ll become. As an example, who do you think will be more committed: someone who only has to provide their email address, or someone who also has to provide their birthday, address, social security number, etc.?

The more that you get to engage committed people through your healthcare marketing, the more likely that you also get quality leads into your pipeline.

Get better leads to raise their hands and say, “I’m interested!” Watch until the end of this video to know more about how you can improve your healthcare marketing to get quality leads that convert into high paying clients.

By dealing with serious prospects, your chances of success will increase dramatically.

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What You Missed

Before you decide on your health coaching model, you’ll have to know the answer to this: Do you want to make more money or do you want to help more clients?

It’s important to distinguish between the two and identify your health coaching business goals because if you want to help more clients, then you’re probably going to have to charge a lot less. On the other hand, if you charge more, you can decide to take in less but higher ticket clients, and still make the same (if not more) money.

Let’s say you want to make $10,000 a month. That’s going to be 100 clients paying you $100 each. Or, that could also be 2 clients paying you $5,000 each. Which appeals more to you?

When deciding on your coaching model, you have to keep in mind your health coaching business goals, and the amount of work you want and CAN put in. If it’s your goal to enroll more clients, it’s probably going to be less high-touch and in the form of a membership or a course. The work will pour into trying to generate traffic that’s large enough to even get those 100 clients, in our example.

Charging a premium price, the nature of your coaching model is definitely going to change. Two clients paying $5,000 is going to come out of 5 or 6 conversations over the phone — nowhere near the traffic you’ll need to produce if you want 100 clients for your health coaching business.

Now, if it’s at the top of your business goals to have 100 clients paying $5,000 each, let’s talk. Because that’s a different ball game altogether. And that’s the level that we’re playing at. In this case, you’re definitely NOT going to be doing all of the coaching yourself. You’re going to have to recruit some coaches into your team — which is also a different challenge to take on.

So what goals do you have for your health coaching business? Which model is more worth your time and resources to pursue? Be deliberate about choosing your health coaching model. Your answer will ultimately determine which direction you’re bound to go, and how profitable you can become.

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