One of the main reasons why health business owners and entrepreneurs fail to build wealth is that they have the wrong money mindset. In this video, I go over the law of money, and how you can use it to help grow your health business.

This is essentially the formula for making more money: The more people you help, the more money you make. And here’s a secondary law: The bigger the problems you solve, the more you get paid.

Just think about Elon Musk and the problems he’s trying to solve. Space flight, e-payment solutions, electric vehicles – is it any wonder why he’s so rich? And then think about the problems a local trainer solves. This was me 20 years ago. While also important, helping someone lose weight is arguably a smaller task than changing humanity’s future.

Along with this law of money, you need to cultivate the right money mindset. It’s one thing to understand that you need to solve problems and help people in your health business. But if you’re uncomfortable with being rich and have problems with the rich, you’ll never build wealth. You’ll never be able to go in the direction of something you despise.

Remember, the more you give, the more that comes back to you. If you put out free content and focus on providing value, eventually the right people will come out of the woodwork.

Until then, you just need to make sure you fill your cup first. Transform lives and charge a premium price for it. If you’re solving a problem that not everybody can, like the law of money states, you should get paid properly for it.

The way to build wealth through your health business can be simple – adopt the right money mindset, and remember that being wealthy and helping others can go hand in hand.

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