What’s up guys?  Today I’m going to be sharing with you something that I’ve been thinking about the last couple weeks.

I call it the success scale and I’m going to draw this for you on the good old white board on my computer because I think it’ll be extremely valuable for you to understand this.

The reason I’ve decided to share this with you is because I think a lot of times we set goals and we quantify success in a way that I don’t think is very meaningful for us or for our customers or clients.

What I want to share with you here is something I think will really serve you no matter what type of business you have.

This is going to help you set better goals. It’s going to help you become more impactful with your messaging. It’s going to attract better clients, customers into your business because of the way that this is focused.


The Success Scale Pyramid

I’m going to draw this out here and we basically have a triangle and we got three levels.  We’ll break it down step by step here. Okay?

The whole idea of this pyramid is we want to move towards the top. We want to elevate to the pinnacle of the pyramid.


First Level: The “Me” Level

Sadly most businesses, and I believe more entrepreneurs stay in this area here which we’ll call the “me”.

It’s in this area that they’re focused on income and as a result of that, they’re very product centric. Okay, so they’re focused on product.

For instance, I’ve got this amazing idea, I want to make money with it, I’m going to turn it into a product and that’s the end of the story. Okay?

Through brute force we’re just going to shove our way into the marketplace and impose a product onto an audience. That can work. It can work but it’s difficult. Okay?

Now, that’s the base level and that’s where most people start. That’s where I started way back in the day when I was transitioning from training clients in person to online.

I was like, “Yeah, this is a great thing. I’m going to bring it out to market.” Boom. Then I had to figure out how to sell the thing.

So that’s the first level and it’s a tough way to build a business when you’re solely focused on yourself, your income or if it’s product centric.


Second Level: The “We” Level

Next level is the “we”. We move from the me to the we and at this level a lot of people think that they’re doing great things because now we’re focused on creating impact.

We’re creating impact for a lot of people so as a result we’re sharing our thoughts, we’re sharing a lot of content. This area is really focused on information.

We move from product centric to becoming more of a thought leader where we’re sharing our thoughts, we’re sharing our information. Blog posts, YouTube videos. It’s a combination of hey, here’s stuff I want to talk about, here’s some stuff that our clients want to know about. It’s kind of a marriage of the two.

It’s a little bit of a higher level from income because now we’re focused a bit more on the market. We’re focused on actually adding more goodwill to the marketplace and as a result we move up the pyramid making more impact, and as a result of that we make more income as a byproduct of the value we create in the marketplace.

That’s where most people stop. Okay? I’m going to just say that most businesses kind of hit the ceiling right there.

What I’m about to share with you I think will really revolutionize the way you think about your business and the way you approach your audience. If this seems novel, or sorry if it seems like, “Oh, I’ve heard that before” believe me, rethink this. Okay? I’m going to give you a specific example in just a second.


Top Level: The “You” Level

The top of the pinnacle, the top of the pyramid here, the pinnacle of the pyramid is all about you.

You means not us, it means the client. What we’re focused on here is not income, it’s not impact. Our sole focus here is results.

Okay? As a result of focusing on results there’s a huge opportunity to make a lot more money here because we’re only in business to solve problems. We’re not in business to share information, right?

At the pinnacle of the pyramid here we’re moving from product to information to transformation. Okay? This is where you need to focus the majority of your business efforts. When I say your business efforts I mean your overall promise of any product or service that you’re offering.

If you’re coaching clients or you’ve got something you’re bringing to market, everything needs to be based on the top of the pyramid because if you don’t, what you’re trying to do is to shove stuff into peoples’ faces through sheer information.  Or you think you’ve got this awesome product but it’s not really centered around what the outcome is for the client.

Here’s an Example of How the “You” Level Works

I want to give you an example of how this works.

We have a great workshop. It’s called the Health Business Accelerator. Initially when we launched it, the whole promise was more clarity, better clients, more profit.  That’s the promise of the workshop.

Again, it’s results focused so it’s at the top of the pyramid but I thought to myself, “How do we shift our business so that everything we do in our business, all the goals that we set, everything we create in our business is solely focused on a specific outcome that we can create or strive to create for our clients?”

A couple weeks ago I had the epiphany to boldly state a very specific promise to our clients.

We tell all of our clients and even our prospects when we speak to them about this,  “If you enroll with us and you go through this workshop, our promise to you, not that we can promise specific results but our promise to you is we are working hard behind the scenes to give you the coaching, training, support, frameworks, everything to help you to see a 2xROI at the minimum.” Okay? At the minimum in under four months.

Now, the other caveat to this is that we’re basically saying that we want 90% or more of all of our clients to achieve these results. Not just like one client here and there but 90% of our clients, we want them to achieve these results.

Now, what do you think that does not only from a confidence perspective for your prospective clients but what do you think it forces you to do in your business if you were to make this type of claim?

When we said this, we’re like, Okay, well this is our goal if we want to help 90% or more of our clients double their ROI in four months or less. Some people have done that in a week, some people have taken a bit longer but we want to say four months or less.

What do we have to do as a company to ensure that we hit that promise?

This is a really great question to ask ’cause now everything you do in your business is solely focused around just hitting this target. That’s it.

How easy does marketing and selling become when you have this type of data to show your marketplace?

You don’t have to convince people, you don’t have to force people. You can say, “Listen, statistically 91% of people achieve a 2xROI within three and a half months of doing this.” That’s powerful. Okay? But you can only get that when you’re focused on a specific outcome.

Here’s the other thing with respect to goal setting, is a lot of times we set goals like, “Yeah, I want to make a million dollars or I want to move our business to five million. We want to help a billion people on the planet.”

That’s all fine. But what I’ve noticed is a lot of times we will do a lot more for other people than we will for ourselves.

If you set a goal that you haven’t achieved, I want to challenge you to reframe the way you set that goal in the first place. Instead of making it about you, make it about your clients.  When this becomes your goal, then it becomes a whole lot easier and more exciting for you and your team to get behind that.

For instance, one of our goals this calendar year is to move 50 health entrepreneurs and coaches into six figures or more with their businesses, with their coaching businesses and we want to move ten at a minimum into seven figures and beyond.

That’s one of the goals that we are moving towards. We know that if we hit those goals, all that other stuff we want to hit will be taken care of. Does that make sense guys?

That is the success scale. This is a new way that I think a lot of people should approach their business because if we focus on the results we’re able to create for our clients instead of what we want to create, instead of what we want to do, instead of focusing on our goals, we focus on the goals that we can help our clients achieve.

As a byproduct, everything trickles down.

It’s like you’ve got an avalanche at the top of the pyramid here, at the top of the mountain. The avalanche is going to trickle down and as a result of that you’re going to have more impact. You’re going to make more income. You’re going to naturally be able to share your information with more people and your product or service will get into the hands of more people in that process.


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