Do you have a client attraction and health marketing strategy in place for your health coaching business?

The number one question I get asked by all of my clients is, “How do I get coaching clients?” And it’s a very relevant question. As a health professional, it’s natural for you to want to make a difference in your clients’ lives. And it’s also natural to want to have as many clients as possible to sustain your business and your lifestyle.

To get more clients, you need to get in front of more people and build your ideal audience, but you also need to figure out how to convert your audience into paying clients.

Many health coaching business owners go the social media route to grow an audience. One of our clients with a strong Instagram following found that she had to post more often and be manually present on her social media to get more clients. While posting on social media costs her nothing theoretically, she pays in time.

And if you’re someone who values your time, you’ll understand that money is cheap, and time is expensive. There are two ways to get coaching clients online as a health practitioner.

Keep watching to learn what they are, and how you can use health marketing strategies to help with client attraction, so you can expand your current base as an online health coaching business owner.

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What You Missed

Wouldn’t you just love to clone yourself so you don’t have to do everything yourself AND also replicate the work you do in your business operations?

But that’s just not physically possible. So as a health business leader or owner, you’ll have to do more delegating in business. In today’s video, I show you how better delegating tasks as part of your business SOPs can free up some time for you as a health business leader.

I’m passionate about helping health professionals get clients and scale their online health businesses. Over the years, I’ve learned that to grow and scale your business, you need to train your staff and health coaches to function independently, so you don’t have to be the only resource in the business. You need to be delegating tasks more in your business operations.

So how can you start delegating in business and train your coaches to better train your clients on how to do sales calls and other critical business activities? The thing about business is that it is a collection of systems meant to produce a profit in the service of other people.

Your business is NOT a job. Yes, you can have different jobs that serve different functions within the business, but essentially, the sum of the various parts is what makes the business. The minute you start treating your business like a job, you won’t be able to remove yourself from every area of the business’s functions, which means your staff or coaches can’t grow further.

Delegating in business is essential if you want to focus on business strategy while also sustaining a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Watch the video to see how delegating tasks as part of your business SOPs can help you create more sustainable business operations.

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