Hey guys, what’s going on? Yuri, here. I Want to give you an inside look at my LinkedIn ads manager. I’ve been running LinkedIn ads for the past two weeks, some really interesting stuff here. Obviously it’s a little too fresh to give you the here’s exactly how to run LinkedIn ads.

But, I do want to share something with you, because once you have a pipeline, for instance, we know that our perfect client pipeline does very well on Facebook. Right? It does very well on Facebook. We’ve got a really good ROI. When I say good ROI, I’m talking about 500% on average every week. We spend a buck, we make $5 in return, generally. Now that we have that running, we have our own media buyer who runs all the stuff on Facebook, we arelooking at LinkedIn, because LinkedIn is a great platform for professional audiences. Obviously, our core audiences being other health and fitness entrepreneurs.

What Our LinkedIn Ads Account Looks Like

I’m going to show you what our account looks like. I’m not suggesting you run LinkedIn ads, because what I’m about to show you might shock you a little bit. Again, we’ve been running this now for about two weeks so it’s pretty fresh.  We spent over 1,200 bucks. This is the main one that we’re driving traffic to, so our Seven Figure Health Business Blueprint webinar. I just want to show you something.

The Limitations of LinkedIn

Right now, this one here, so clients who can afford you, I’ll just show you what this ad looks like. Couple things on LinkedIn, you got 600 characters. You can’t write long ass copy, like we do on Facebook, which is little bit of a problem, but no big deal. This one here, is one of our ads, which is doing fairly well. But, one of the things I noticed, is that for instance, this is showing five conversions, but it’s actually been 11 conversions. When I cross reference this with EverWebinar, I get different data. I have to look at what is actually ending up in our system. In our case, it’s going to be leads. What I’m showing you, the spend is accurate but the conversions are not.

I’m going to just show you one of the active campaigns we just setup this morning. This one here is running at 50 bucks today. This one here, we just setup this morning, check this out, I literally set this live this morning at 7:00 AM. Look how much money we’ve already spent on this, $84 in the space of 1.5 hours, 2 hours. Our daily budget on this ad is 250 bucks. Let me stop there for a second.

I do not advise you to spend $250 on your first day of ad spend. The only reason I’m willing to do this is because I have a buffer. Right? We’ve tested our funnel out. We know it works, we’ve been advertising on Facebook with it now for close to two years. So, I’m willing to take a chance, I’m will to see if we can break our business. I’m like listen, you have to think, guys, you have to invest in your business. You have to. Whether it’s 5 bucks a day, or 500 bucks a day, or 5 million dollars a day, you have to invest in your business, otherwise you don’t … Otherwise you probably, you should be in business. Let’s just be honest, okay?

I look at this as an investment. I can spend money investing in Bitcoin and stocks, which I have zero control over, and by the way, I do not invest in. Or, I can invest my money in my business, and I might lose it, or it can turn into some really amazing things in the backend. If you had a pipeline that you can spend a dollar on and make $5 in return, why would you invest your money anywhere else?

Now I’m looking at our LinkedIn campaign, and I’m thinking to myself, okay, if I can invest 250 bucks, and that leads to one call, one conversation, maybe one enrollment, is that worth it? Yes, multiple times over.

I wanted to just show you one thing about this, is we launched this, this morning. $84 in ad spend so far. 912 impressions. 20 clicks, and it’s showing no conversions. This is inaccurate because if I go back to EverWebinar and look at our stats, we actually have two or three conversions from this funnel. The thing with LinkedIn is that the lag is about 24 hours, which is not ideal if you’re spending 250 bucks a day, and you can’t course correct as soon as possible, right?

Some of these numbers, like $92 cost per CPM, which is cost per 1,000 views. This is very high. This should go down to 20 or 30 bucks after about a day or two. But, I want to show this to you because, listen, this is how you make money, this is how you grow your business. This is how you acquire clients. It’s not like posting a blog post, hoping someone’s going to see it. Posting something on Instagram, becoming an influencer. Most people are completely ass backwards with this stuff. They’re focused on influence, you got to be focused on your income. Focus on making a lot of money, and then over time, you’ll just become and influencer because of all the impact you’ve had for your clients.

Things To Keep In Mind When Running Ads

Anyways, just a couple lessons for you when you’re looking at your ad campaigns, if you’re running ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever. There’s a few things you want to keep in mind, and I’ll just show you right here.

Number one, you want to be looking at the click through rate, average CTR. Anything above 1%, anything above 1% is a good number, generally speaking. Okay? But again, it has to make sense ROI, from an ROI perspective. All of our ads right now are a minimum 2.19, we have ones that are close to 3.5%, which means, people who see the ad, click on it, and go to the landing page.

If your ads are underperforming, under 1%, you need to look at those ads and you need to fix those. Because that’s going to be an issue, it’s going to cost you a lot more money, and that’s not something that you want to necessarily get into. Now, this goes back to why I continually talk about premium price coaching. If you are spending $250 a day on ads, and your program is $97, guess what’s going to happen, you’re going to go out of business, very quickly. Because the realty, guys, the realty of today, 2019, whether it’s Facebook, or LinkedIn, or YouTube, or Google, ad costs are only going up.

You need to be in a position where you have margin, and I’ve talked about this until I’m blue in the face almost, you have to be charging more, not for your own selfish profit, but because it attracts the most committed clients. You can deliver the best results for them. If you’re struggling around, how do I charge premium prices? How do I do all this stuff? Then, you’ve got two choice. You can cut your prices in half, and do what everyone else is doing, or you can talk with us, and we can figure out how we can help you.

I’ll be pretty honest with you, we are not cheap. We’re not cheap. If you’re look for like a thousand dollar course, it’s not going to happen. But, if you want results, if you want to take your business, and look at it like, a real business, and you to make, not like an extra thousand dollars, but like an extra million dollars, then send me a message, and let’s chat. Because, all of our clients, they’re not using LinkedIn, I don’t even share this with my clients because I don’t want them to think about one more thing. All of our clients are using Facebook ads, okay? And, they’re doing so in a profitable way once their pipeline’s setup. The reason we are so all in on that, is because if you don’t have a way of acquiring your own clients predictably, you don’t have a business. You’ve got a job.

State Of The Industry

Listen, I’m a very optimistic person, but I’m also a very realistic person. We had over 1,300 enrollment calls last year, and I’ll tell you the states of the industry, based on those conversations. Most health and fitness coaches are scared, their broke, and they have no plan. That’s the state of most people, okay? Obviously, there’s an exception. There’s a lot of people doing very, very well, as well. The vast majority of people in any space, not just health and fitness, in any space are not going to be doing well. And the only reason that they’re not going to do well is because, number one, they’re scared, or number two, they’re not willing to invest to grow their business.

If you want to change, you have to change. If you want to change, you have to change, it’s as simple as that. If you want different results, you got to do something different than what you’re doing. If what you’re doing is producing great results, keep doing it. But, if you’re not making the money you want to make, I don’t care, rob a bank, take another credit card, get a loan from a friend or family member. It doesn’t matter. You have to believe in yourself, and if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t convince anyone else that you can help them.

Stop playing small. Get out of your comfort zone. Get out from underneath the blankets. Put on your big boy pants, and let’s play business. Okay? I’m not here to sugar coat the situation, I’m not here to coddle you and say everything is going to great. You just have to be realistic on what it takes to build a great business. I’m not showing this stuff to gloat, or to blow my own horn, but I do want to show you what goes into building a business. You have to invest in yourself, and you have to invest in your business. Because if you don’t, it’s going to be a long, long, arduous journey. Okay, guys?

If you want help, if you want to get more clients, if you want to scale your coaching, if you want to get your message in front of more people, if you want to do so in a way where you’re not knocking on doors manually, and pleading for people to work with you, and you’re not discounting your prices, you’re actually charging what you’re truly worth. If you want to start building a business that pays you handsomely and produces amazing results for your clients, listen, you are one phone call away. You are one phone call away. And, if you want to talk with us and see if we can help you, and obviously to make sure a good fit for use to work with, then send me a message right, and then we’ll take it from there.

All right, guys? Anyways, hope this has found you well. Hope this has given you a little bit of a kind of an inside peak, inside look at some of the stuff that we do on a daily basis. And again, if you want to step things up and really get your business to the next level then send me a direct message and we’ll chat. Okay?


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