Can you still win using Facebook Ads for your health coaching business post-iOS 14.5?

In today’s video, I address everyone running iOS 14.5 Facebook ads for their health business and struggling to understand the Facebook ad data coming through Facebook conversions API.

If you’re looking to work around the tracking challenges that came with iOS 14, and to understand server-side tracking and Facebook CAPI, this video is for you.

Here at Healthpreneur, we help health professionals scale their online health businesses. A huge part of scaling a health business is running advertisements online, and an effective, easy way of doing this is through Facebook Ads.

We’ve used Facebook Advertising for a long time, and have proven that it’s an effective way of funneling clients. However, Facebook has changed how it collects information from its users, especially with iOS 14.5.

With more people having the option to opt out of seeing ads, there are fewer leads. With the new evolution of Facebook Ads, there are a few things to consider. For example, you can no longer fully rely on Facebook pixel. Instead, server-side tracking is more effective at giving you the Facebook ad data you need.

If you’re spending a lot of money on Facebook ads, you want to be using Hyros or SegMetrics to do server-side tracking in addition to, or instead of, Facebook conversions API.

Keep watching to see how you can work around tracking challenges for iOS 14.5 Facebook ads, and how you can still win with Facebook Ads for your health coaching business post-iOS 14.5.

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