In today’s episode we’re going to be taking a deep look at why prestige could be killing your profits.

In today’s culture of social media and “influencers”, if asked if you would rather be rich or famous, most people would choose to be famous.

People get so wrapped up in the image they project on social media that they lose sight of their profits.  There are so many influencers out there on Instagram that have over 1 million followers, but don’t have a business that reflects their following. In other words, their income does not reflect their social media following.

The most successful business I know don’t have the most glamorous social profiles. Don’t get hung up on what your Instagram feed looks like or how many followers you have.

I have said this time and time and again that where you need to focus your time, effort and energy is to understand and master the skill set of sales and marketing so you can acquire clients and have them pay you money.

This may surprise you to learn that for the first two and a half years of Healthpreneur, we had no social following.  Only a Facebook page so we could run ads.  That’s it.

As I’ve said many times in the past — you want to build your income before your build your influence.

To do that, you need a predictable and reliable way of getting people into your business who are paying you money to transform their lives.  That is the only thing you need to focus on and that is the only thing we help our clients do.

If you want our help to get you more clients in a predictable and reliable way, then I invite you to go to to book a call with us.

In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 03:40 – Introducing Today’s Topic

03:40 – 04:45 – Be Careful Who You Model

04:45 – 05:10 – The One Things That Really Matters

05:10 – 06:50 – When To Use Social Media For the Long Game

06:50 – 10:00 – The One Thing You Need To Focus On To Grow Your Business

10:00 – 12:17 – Wrap Up With Yuri


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What You Missed

In our last episode, I talked about premium pricing.  This was inspired from experiencing the way Australian restaurants charge for meals which can help bring some context to the “pricing” conversation.

And I’ve made no secret about how I’m a big fan of premium pricing and how it beneficial it is for you and your clients.

It’s really interesting how the restaurants price their meals in Australia compared to North America.

In our world, we intentionally decided that we did not want to be the cheapest on the market.  The reason why is because we wanted to ensure that our clients got amazing support and service, which in turn produces better results for them.  We want to offer a better quality experience and a better quality service.

It’s all about focusing on providing your clients the best possible service and outcome.

If you missed it and you’re still feeling uncomfortable about charging premium pricing for your health and fitness services, you’ll want to check out our last episode, What I Learned About Pricing From Australian Restaurants.