We’re back with another great episode of the Healthpreneur podcast! Today, I’m going to talk about something that everyone wants to hear – how to future-proof your business. With the advancement of technology, don’t you want to make sure your business sticks around?

Technology is growing quickly, and many jobs are being replaced by machines. The trick is to use technology to your benefit – and not let it gobble up your business. But how do you do that?

You focus on human to human service. Because nothing can replace that connection. Ever. Tune in to hear what can be replaced by technology, what can’t, and why it’s important to know the difference.

In This Episode I discuss:

1:00 – 2:30 – Why it’s important to future-proof

2:30 – 4:00 – Focusing on what should stay the same

4:00 – 6:00 – What we focus on at Healthpreneur

6:00 – 8:30 – What people crave and what to focus on


All right, so how can you future-proof your business? This is something we may want to consider, right? Why? Well, everything can be replaced by technology … or can it?

Why it’s important to future-proof

I was at the movie theater the other day taking my kids to see the Mary Poppins movie. And what used to be a lineup of people that were lining up to go see tellers to buy their tickets, was now replaced by machines. And there was only two tellers left, so this long 20-foot or 30-foot counter had now been reduced to 6 feet and two tellers because they were replaced by technology. And this is an inevitable fact about business in the modern era. Technology is growing so quickly that most services, most everything is becoming privatized and turned into some type of technology.

So how do you prevent that from gobbling up your business? Now, I think there’s some benefits to think about. Number one is how can you harness that technology to better help your business, better help your clients? But also how do you future-proof your business in a way where you become invincible or immune to the overlords of technology? AI, VR, all that kind of stuff.

Focusing on what should stay the same

So here’s my two thoughts in this, is number one … Jeff Bezos asked a really good question. A lot of people were thinking about what’s going to change, what’s coming down the road in the future, what’s it’s all gonna look like in a couple years? And Jeff Bezos asked a really good question. He says, “Listen, we all know that stuff’s gonna happen, but what is not going to change? What is going to stay the same?” And what’s gonna stay the same in Amazon’s case is people are gonna want really great customer service, they’re gonna want speed of delivery, and that’s important, that’s never gonna change.

So in your business, and this is why I think coaching is such a great future-proofed business, is that what you’re really providing people is not information,  because information can be overrun by technology as we’ve already seen with the internet and Google. So what you’re really providing for your clients is direction and wisdom and accountability and guidance. And these are things for the most part that I don’t think are gonna be replaced by some robot down the road. It’s a little bit less likely that if a robot shows up at your door at 5:00 a.m. to get you out of bed, you’re less likely to be accountable to that robot than you would to another human being. It’s just the way we’re wired.

So where I think the big opporunity lies is really understanding that to future-proof your business is to focus on service, is to focus on human-to-human service, coaching, in a way that you can’t replace or be replaced or put out of business by some type of machine.

What we focus on at Healthpreneur

In our business, we’re very high-touch. And listen, we’re not perfect, so we definitely dropped the ball in a few places, but I can promise you every single week in our team meetings the number one objective, the number one discussion point is how do we better serve our clients? Where are our clients stuck, where can we improve things, how can we make it more seamless for them to go through these different paths, how can we give them more support, how can we help them get unstuck? So this is the nature of our conversation. It’s not necessarily only about how to improve conversion rates and how to enroll more people, but it’s really on the delivery side.

And I think if you focus on great delivery, that’s how you future-proof your business. That’s how you show people that you truly care, that you want to help them. And again, are you gonna get this perfect a hundred percent of the time? No, not at all. But one of the things that we do … we do some interesting things, I’m not gonna spoil the surprise, but we do some interesting things for our clients when they come onboard, and I’ll get messages back and they’re like, “This is exactly why you guys are different.” And it’s little things like the things that we do that are going to future-proof us, and really put us in a category of one amongst the competition.

And the same goes for you and your business. There are simple things you can do in your business to show people you care, to show people you’re listening to them, to help you be immune to whatever technology comes down the road, whatever app is going to come out. Because it becomes less important about what the new technology is and you’re focused mostly on, “How do I better serve my clients?”

What people crave and what to focus on

And so that’s what I really want to drill into your head in this episode, is thinking about those elements in your business where you can go above and beyond to show people that you are a human being and you care about their results, you care about their success. And that could be a quick personal video, that could be holding their hand a little bit more through the process, or whatever that looks like for you. I really believe in-person retreats and stuff like that are a huge opportunity. Back in 1984 there was a book written, I wish I could remember the name of it, and it wasn’t 1984. It was talking about how in periods of high-tech, there is an increased demand for high-touch. And if you just take that as the theme of today’s episode, you’ll be great into the future.

So as we become more connected technologically and more disconnected at a deep level, people are going to crave, crave human interaction. They’re gonna crave your attention. They’re gonna crave getting together with other clients, even if it’s in a virtual setting. Even if it’s in a virtual setting and it’s a Zoom call where they can see each other’s faces, or it’s in a Facebook group where they feel connected to other people just like them. And obviously best yet is if you can bring people together in person like we do at our Healthpreneur LIVE events.

This is how I believe you can future-proof your business and now it’s really up to you. So what I want you to focus on is focus on asking yourself the Jeff Bezos question which is what is not gonna change, and really focus on building your business around that instead of worrying about what’s the new technology coming out, why should I be using this app? All that kind of stuff, those are all trends, they’re fads, they’re the latest thing. Something else will come out that’s better, more robust, whatever. But if you build your business around the things that are not gonna change, I believe you’ll be a lot better off now and well into the future, and that is how you can future-proof your business.

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