In today’s episode I want to talk about success, financial success in particular.

This is something that came to mind when I thought I about all the people I know who have built big, impactful companies.

The one thing all these people have is an insatiable hunger to grow no matter where they are at and are willing to make sacrifices to get there.

For me, personally, going back to when I was 10, I had a goal I wanted to achieve to become a professional soccer player and over the next 10 years, there were sacrifices I had made in my life to achieve that goal.  I was obsessed with being the best soccer player I could be.  This ties back to a previous episode where I talked about being obsessed with your success.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think they can put in the bare minimum effort to achieve a high level of success and it just doesn’t work that way.  Or they don’t trust the process, throw in the towel too quickly and exit the game too quickly.

I can tell you from my years of playing soccer, I learned that in order to develop a skill and be the best at it, you need to practice over and over again.  I trained every single day to be the best player I could be.  I put in the time.

This is something applies to just about anything. If you want to get better at something or have success, you need to put in the time.  To put in the time and effort, there are sacrifices you are going to have to make.

Look, I have my non-negotiables and I will not give up time with my family and being a father to my kids.  And to make that happen, I get up at 4:00 a.m. every single morning and get my most important work done before 8:00 a.m. so that I have the day ahead of me and can be there for my family and have the rest of the day to do whatever.

There are small sacrifices you can make every day.  Think about what they can be.  Starting out with small sacrifices build up over time.  You need to think if what you are doing right now is helping you move towards your bigger future, or is it keeping you where you’re at.

You need to be honest with yourself and think about the things you’re willing to do and things you’re not willing to do.  Are you willing to do what it takes to win but don’t know what path to take or what kind of structure you need?

If you are willing to make the sacrifices to take your business to the next level and you’re looking for guidance, I invite you to go to where you’ll be able to book a call with us and we can help you understand where you’re at, what’s not working, and give you a customized game plan for your situation.

I hope this message served you well and gave you some things to think about and reflect upon that maybe you hadn’t before.

In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 -01:15 – Introducing Today’s Episode

01:15 – 05:30 – Sacrifices Made To Achieve Success

05:30 – 08:30 – Are You Willing To Put The Work In To Achieve A High Level Of Success

08:30 – 10:00 – Developing A Skill Through Repetition

10:00 – 13:00 – Identify Your Non-Negotiables

13:00 – 17:00 – Do Your Most Important Work First Thing In The Morning

17:00 – 20:00 – It’s The Little Sacrifices That Build Up Over Time

20:00 – 23:58 – Getting Honest With Yourself About What You Are Willing And Not Willing To Do


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You can set goals, but you have no control over the outcome. What you really need to focus on every single day is the process. The process is the thing you can control so that if you do them consistently will move you to the prize or the goal.

I can tell you that one of the things I have mastered in my business is developing processes. It’s one of my superpowers. Not everyone has the ability to develop a process or know what processes they should be doing in their business to help take their business to the next level.

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