What can we learn from Amazon about taking risks in business?

Entrepreneurship is all about mitigating business risk, uncertainty, and the ability to explore within the parameters that work for you and your health business. Amazon has always been ahead of the game when it comes to business risk management. Today, I talk about how you can take a calculated risk, and master risk management to become a winner in years!

At Healthpreneur, we help other health business owners get clients, and grow their coaching businesses online. Amazon is a mega business that has taken on the business world and changed the way that most people do business.

Over the years, part of their approach to business was to acquire and retire smaller companies that “stood in their way”. I’m sharing this because I agree with the view that in business, you don’t pick winners, rather, you find them.

Amazon wouldn’t have known which one would be a winning horse of the businesses mentioned above, but they bet anyway. That’s the nature of business. In business, resilience and consistency are vital to being successful and winning.

Very few businesses become extremely successful without taking business calculated risk. Those that do have the strength of calculated business risk management in common. Stay tuned to see how you, as a Healthpreneur, can find and apply winning formulas for risk management in your health business.

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What You Missed

If you truly want to know how to succeed in business, these are fundamental things to master. But you should also understand that success requires a certain level of obsession. Whatever you do for your health business, it’s not going to always be easy. You have to give yourself permission to not be perfect right away. You have to be willing to keep swinging the bat.

If you try Facebook ads once, for example, don’t give up if they don’t work.

Learning is a process. It can take years for you to really be able to articulate your message effectively. Learning how to succeed in business is a journey that really never stops. Don’t get discouraged just because something fails one time in your health business. Focus on the most important business skills, and keep working at them until you have them down.

Watch until the end to learn more about the true secret to succeed in business.

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👉 Watch our FREE TRAINING: The Perfect Client Pipeline here: ➡️ https://healthpreneurgroup.com/yt-pcp