It’s another great day on the Healthpreneur podcast! Welcome back! Today Amy, Stephanie, and I will be talking about the importance of your Perfect Life Vision. As we all know, it’s easy to get lost in the day in and day out, the comparison, and the busywork.

But it’s important to take a step back to look at the big picture – the vision – and know what you want and why it’s important to you. To stop getting in the way of your vision becoming a reality, you’ve got to get past your own limitations.

Our results coaches hear it all. They know the struggles our clients are going through, both mindset-wise and in their businesses. And oftentimes, a realigning with their Perfect Client Vision is all it takes to get our client’s back on track. Hop on the podcast today to hear what other Healthpreneurs are going through and some tips to immediately hone in on your own vision.

In This Episode Amy, Stephanie, and I discuss:

  • Why your vision is important.
  • The boundary between you and your business.
  • What we commonly hear on our coaching calls.
  • Getting past our own limitations.
  • How to hone in on your vision and act.
  • Recognizing your thought patterns.


1:00 – 7:30 – Why your vision is important

7:30 – 12:30 – What we commonly hear on our coaching calls

12:30 – 14:30 – Our company’s process

14:30 – 19:00 – The necessary next steps to realign with your Perfect Life Vision

18:30 – 26:00 – Being aware of the subconscious mind


Healthpreneurs, what’s up? Hope you guys are having a great day. I’m here with Amy and Stephanie today. Jackie is off on a cruise I think, or she’s just sleeping in. Either way, it’s just the three of us.

Today we’ll be talking about something really important like we always do. We’ll be talking about the importance of your perfect life vision.

Why your vision is important

I want to talk about this, or we want to talk about this today because it’s very, very easy to get lost in the trenches, get stuck in the weeds, start comparing yourself to other people and also not spending enough time really knowing where you want to go. As a leader of your business you have to understand guys, the most important … the two most important questions you have to consistently ask yourself. What do I want, and why is that important to me? That’s it. In fact in our focus planner, which is still in beta, so we’re not releasing it yet. Every single page at the top here, right here. My most important goals. Every single day it’s a reminder.

You could do all this stuff and get stuck into webinars, or on your Facebook ads or whatever. But you have to always focus on why you’re doing this. Yes, it’s frustrating. I spent actually half an hour on Zoom with Jill on the weekend, not something I would normally do, because her Facebook ad account or her Facebook ads were … she was just lost in the trenches, right? I’m like, “You know what, I’ve got some time, let’s just jump on zoom and figure this out.” And it’s very easy to get frustrated when stuff like that doesn’t work. But you have to remember guys, that everything you’re doing is for a greater purpose. When we had six ad accounts shut down earlier this year, it would have been a lot easier to say, “You know what, screw this. I’m going to go deliver milk house to house.” I don’t even know why that came up.

But anyways, so we want to talk about why it’s important to really stay connected to that perfect life vision that you have for yourself. Because if you don’t, everything you’re struggling with, or everything you’re working on is not going to have context to keep you fueled and keep you moving forward. So Steph, Amy, welcome to the call. How’s it going guys?

Stephanie:                          Awesome.

Amy:                                     Awesome.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So do you want to you want to kick start this Amy?

Amy:                                     Sure. You know, I think like you said, Yuri, it’s really easy to sort of get stuck in the things that we’re doing, even though we are very clear that the system is very simple, there’s four moving parts. There’s work to be done and there are skills to be learned. And we get really caught in our head in that thinky brain instead of dropping down and saying, “Wait a minute, hold on. Why did I start this journey anyway?” So what my question for all of our HBAers right now is, how much time did you really spend in that pre-work? Did you go into your perfect life vision. And that 10 year out when I enrolled and went through the HBA, that … I don’t know what it was about the 10 year, the three to five year didn’t do it for me. If you’re at a different point in your life. And that is what really get you going, “Holy crap, I need to do this now.” Then do three to five years. For me in 10 years, I’m going to be 58 years old. That’s kind of crazy. So to me-

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s like the first third your lifestyle?

Amy:                                     It is and I’m not … you know the number … I was I was brought up, you know, like number … your age doesn’t matter, you’re only as old as you feel, or as young as you feel. So I’ve got it on my side, but I do also know that it all ends the same way for all of us, right?

Amy:                                     And so I do know that in this form it is finite and I have really big goals of how I want to live and that is why I want to make the big bucks, that is why I want … that’s freedom to me. That is what that represents. So for me, if you can probably see on my face and in my energy that I’m lighting up, right? It’s freedom and I can go into all the different things that means, and if any of you do want to discuss that or hear more about that, I’ll hop in our private Facebook group and share more. But what is that for you? Like I want the freedom to make choices because I want to say yes to this and no to that, not because I can’t because my bank account only has this much money.

Amy:                                     I want to do that by serving people. I want to change lives, I want to ripple out. So if I can help transform you guys from the inside out, and then you’re going to go transform lives, I get to ripple out that way. So my vision is to make a massive dent in the universe. But I’m going to do that by working with other people, right? So my vision, it all comes back to that freedom. I want to go skiing every day, right? I don’t want to deprive myself of that. That makes me sad and closed and contracted and I didn’t want to go [inaudible 00:05:38], I was in a crap mood. My husband was like, “Go to that mountain.” What happened? I opened up and I got that feeling of freedom because you’re … if you’re skiing and something else for you guys, right? What I was thinking about that, about you guys yesterday in the woods? I’m like, What is your skiing, what is that for you? That to me, I’m flying through the woods. There’s nothing that could go wrong. I know a lot.

Yuri Elkaim:                         What could go wrong on a ski hill?

Amy:                                     I did fall yesterday and I did whack my hip. And it was all because of my head. I got into my thinking brain, I love the woods because there’s … for me if it’s hard that I’m changing this. So all the trees as obstacles are … represented my life. The open trail was where I fell and where I froze. So we are right, super steep. But today, I’m like, “What?” And insert expletive here because that was freedom too, right? And it doesn’t have to be hard.

Amy:                                     So to reel myself back in here. What is your vision? How do you want to feel? When you get that icky feeling, or something doesn’t feel quite right, tune into that. Even if you think that I’m totally out there right now, take a moment, shut down your computer, close your eyes and really tune in. You don’t want to feel that way, right? So tune in, look at your perfect life vision. And then that’s why the only way forward is your perfect client in the pipeline. Then use your brain, right?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Steph, let me ask you a question. When you’re doing any the follow up coaching calls, does anyone ever talk about their vision? Or is it like, I’m stuck in this specific spot?

Stephanie:                          I’ve never … I actually, I’ve never once heard anybody’s vision. Actually, to be honest, it’s usually, I’m stuck here. But the craziest part of it is, is that, what’s interesting is that, I would say 99.9 of the calls that I get, you know, that we have with the group, they will come in with like my Facebook ad, my this, my webinar, my this, but it all comes back to mindset. So at the end of each call, it’s like, they may come in with, I have this issue with whatever, but really the whole entire thing that heals the whole thing is just changing mindset. So that’s the kind of cool thing is that … so anybody can do it basically.

Stephanie:                          The other thing that’s important to understand is that sometimes when you have a big vision, it can actually cause your brain to start to freak out about the little things, right? So it’s exciting, right?Don’t expect that to happen. So if you just expect your … So the amygdala is where the fight or flight response is housed in the brain, right? So every time you try to exit the cave of where you are now, so where you are now is not where you want to be. That lives on the other side of this cave, right? So when you’re exiting the cave, you go to this great vision, and do all of these amazing things, sometimes the amygdala is going to get set off. That’s like the boundary between you and your vision.

Stephanie:                          So if you start to feel like you start to … let’s say, you read things in the Facebook group that kind of alarm you or you start to tinker with your Facebook ads and things just aren’t working, you can oftentimes get into that fight or flight where you kind of either lash out, or get upset with yourself, or get upset with the course, or get upset with this, or think it’s not going to work, or want to give up and all the stuff. But you just have to remember that it passes, not real, it’s just the archaic part of the brain that gets set off. So if you can just breathe into it, stay calm and say, okay, focus back on that, like what Amy does, that vision or whatever it is to you. For her it’s skiing that just gets her so excited.

Stephanie:                          Whatever it is, it’s going to be that end result. You’ve got to focus on that. Yeah, I’m going to feel freaked out. This is normal. I have two choices, quit or keep going. I don’t know about you, but quitting, not an option. So I keep going. That’s all there is to it.

What we commonly hear on our coaching calls

Yuri Elkaim:                         Let’s discuss that because what is the other option? Like guys, what is the other option? You have to be aware of this. You have to be aware that, listen, if you … God forbid, not that any of you guys are going to do this, but let’s say you were quitting. Let’s say, you know, this is too tough, I’m not going to do this. Please tell me what the other option is. I’m going to give you a case in point.  In our Healthpreneur group, that’s part of HBA group, but just for our free community. We have the lady in there who was saying … and she’s been in the group for a while, right? And she’s doing her own kind of … her stuff. And she said, “I’ve been getting approached by a lot of different people asking me about writing a blog post for the blog.” like having someone else contribute to her blog. “How much should I charge for that sponsored post?”

Yuri Elkaim:                         I asked him like, “Well, how much traffic do you get through your blog on a monthly basis?” And she said, “2500 people.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         And my first thought is just blow it up. It’s 2500 people a month is nothing, like it really is. You can’t do anything with that. 2500 people through your blog a month who are going to spend one minute on your website. Number one, they’re not going to do anything. Second, no one’s going to pay to have a blog post put on your site pulling in 2500 people there in a month.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And so she’s like, “Well, do you have any tips?” I was like, “Oh, man, do you want me to open up the can of worms on this?” because there were no tips. The tips are you can follow our content mastery course which we don’t even sell anymore. But it’s amazing and it’s going to take in the next five to 10 years to build a huge blog, or you could go through a smarter approach which is what we’re doing, assuming you like coaching clients and work through some of the challenges of getting this up and running. But as we always tell everyone, this is as simple as it’s going to get guys, it’s as simple as it’s going to get, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So what’s the alternative? You’re going to start doing summits, you’re going to start doing blogs,  you’re going to create an e-book, you’re going to put it out there. And all of a sudden, you’re going to have like thousands of sales. It’s not going to happen guys. I’m telling you, I’m telling you. If you’re having a challenge already with your webinars, right? The large part of that is because you’re not … you don’t have the marketing chops, that’s fine, right? Just understand that if you don’t get the marketing right, nothing outside of this is going to work for you either. And I don’t want to be a pessimist, I’m just being a realist, because I’ve seen it and I continue to see it every single day. Every single person who joins our free Healthpreneur group, what’s your number one challenge? What do you want? My number one challenge is getting clients. What do I want? I want to be making $100,000 a year. 95% of people who comes to that group, that’s the single … those are the two most common answers we see.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Great, well, what are you doing to get there? And the business models they’re following are like, Oh my God, they’re not going to get there doing that, and it’s so frustrating for me to see that because for them to invest in HBA, for me is a no brainer because it might probably help you in a big way, but they’re following a different path, right? And so when you go back to this big vision, as you said, stuff, like, it’s very easy to get lost in the dream, right? And it’s very important to realize this guys, is that … so our process when I’m looking at goal setting is I set a very big vision.

Our company’s process

Yuri Elkaim:                         We just had our company yearly strategy meeting last Friday and we talked about, the overall big vision. We want to be the best known product in the world for people who want to build their health and fitness business. We want to be the Nike of business development in the health and fitness space. So that’s a really big vision. And if you just focus on that, you’re going to get really overwhelmed. How do I make that happen? How do I do that? I don’t even know what that’s going to look like. I can’t even forecast 10 years down the road, what’s going to happen to make that look like the way we want it to.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So we cast the vision. And then we have to come right back down to now. What can we do now and in the next 90 days to move closer to that? So we don’t worry, we know where we’re going. We know the North Star up, and now we focus on the next quarter. And your next quarter guys, is your perfect client pipeline. That’s it. You come into the program, you say you want to make a million dollars or $100,000 or whatever it is, the only thing you focus on is your perfect client pipeline. That’s it. Nothing else. Okay. Don’t talk to us about blogging. Don’t talk to us about YouTube. Don’t talk to us about anything else, because all of that is a distraction from what matters most. Does that make sense? Hopefully, for everyone, okay.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So we cast the vision, you stay connected to that, you’re always kind of envisioning that you’ve got your vision board or whatever you want to do. And then you come right back down to what do I have to do tomorrow? And you go into the online portal and you go to the next training. And you go through that and then you get that done and you order the next training. And you do that, and you get that done and you go step by step, by step, by step.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That is it. Simple. And then the thing is, as you go through this process, if you do this properly, the perfect vision becomes inevitable. So that’s the power of this guys. So hopefully … does that make sense?

Amy:                                     It makes a lot of sense. Because basically what I’m hearing and seeing is okay, what’s the next step? When I speak with people on our Results Accelerator Calls and they enroll, and they say, “Well, what do I do first?” The first thing is to go into the portal. So if you are in the Facebook group, and you’re getting overwhelmed, go back to the portal. Because if you’re saying yes to scrolling even through our HBA group, and you’re not there yet, you’re saying no to moving forward with your perfect client pipeline, where instead you could go, “Wait a minute, this is not my stuff.” I have to go into the portal and this isn’t … these are new skills. You enrolled with us because the lead magnets and the three challenges that’s all familiar. So that’s why you keep gravitating back towards it because it makes sense to your brain.

Amy:                                     The perfect client pipeline is simple but it’s new and it’s … it is incorporating some of the skills you already have like super powers in with things you have no idea how to do. It’s like going to … for me a new ski mountain and not knowing what’s going to be over there. Is it going to be a cliff or is it going to actually level out, right? Some of my pictures, you guys can’t see but right after that flat it drops off. So this is sort of what it is like it’s your, again jumping off that precipice, the HPA is your parachute, use it, trust it, you trust it enough to enroll, we’re serious. We’re going to go to the ends of the earth for you. But you’ve got to lean in, you’ve got to do the work, you’ve got to show up and you have to be resourceful. So go back in the portal to gaining the skills to get you to that perfect life vision.

The necessary next steps to realign with your Perfect Life Vision

Yuri Elkaim:                         Well, I think you bring up an important point. We have the Facebook group to support you guys and I think it’s extremely valuable, right? You come in, you get support, you ask questions, we’re ready to give you feedback. But sometimes, I would almost prefer, you didn’t come in the Facebook group to be very honest with you. So I’m part of other masterminds that is super high level for entrepreneurs and so forth. And I’m never in the group. And I told them in my introduction video, I said, “Hey guys, here’s my big vision. I’m super excited to meet you guys in person when we do our live events. But I have no intention of coming to the Facebook group on a regular basis.” Because I know that for me, and this is not for everyone. But for me, I don’t need all the support. Just give me what I need to do, and I’ll get it done. Now, other people are different, like you need more hand holding, you’ve got to see what’s going on.

Yuri Elkaim:                         But I’ll tell you that if you use the Facebook group strategically, it’ll be much more effective than if you just start scrolling through it. That’s the worst thing you can do in general, is scrolling through social media, whether it’s car group, or anyone else, or any other news feed. You have to come in, you have to approach social media like a stealth bomber, right? You have to know your target, you got to go and drop the bomb and get out. So if you’ve got a question about whatever it is, Facebook ads, go into the left hand column where it says, search this group, type in Facebook ads and just have a quick look at maybe what some people are talking about. Or just post your question and leave and then come back later in the day for the answers.

Yuri Elkaim:                         The most important thing you can do guys, is go through the online portal step by step. And we see this all the time and It baffles my mind. “Have you watched the training?” “Oh, no, I haven’t watched it yet.” No, no. Don’t even talk to us until you’ve gone through the training.” And actually, this week I’m redoing all of the webinar training to make it even more comprehensive and more in depth. For instance, we had a question this morning in the Facebook group. “Do my bullets in my ad have to do with my webinar?” And I’m like, “What?” So like, it’s okay guys. I understand there’s a lot of stuff going on. But just please go through the training step by step and if you do that you will deploy so much faster with less frustration.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And the key is, put your blinders on like, really have your vision and you have to have tunnel vision. So you know where you’re going. You got to put the blinders on, come in for support where you need, but you just do the portal, like do the training step by step. And if you do that, I guarantee you, there’s no … we were talking about this last week, Amy, there’s no reason with two hours a day, someone can’t have their perfect client pipeline deployed in 30 days, right?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Like it shouldn’t have to take six months, let alone three months, but you can get it done a lot faster. So, anyways, let me get off my soapbox. I’ll let you guys jump in.

Steph, what do you … I mean, so you talked about the amygdala, you talked about where some of our clients are getting stuck. How do you get someone from kind of they’re stuck in the weeds and they’re worried about the tack, or the process, or whatever. How do you get them out of there back to what matters most to them?

Being aware of the subconscious mind

Stephanie:                          Generally, I think I just explained to them that their subconscious mind is going to focus on all of the reasons why things don’t work. So when they can actually … when it starts to happen, they’re like, “Wait a second. Oh wait, that’s actually just my subconscious mind holding me back from greatness. I’m going to choose again.” You basically become consciously aware of what’s playing unconsciously, if that makes sense. So unconsciously, you might think I’m not good enough. This isn’t going work. I don’t know how to teach these people. How am I going to do my back end systems? I don’t know all this stuff. But really, if you can just kind of throw a wrench in that loop and then go, “Wait a second, am I … is what I’m doing bringing me closer to my goal or further away? Generally it’s further away. Okay, so then that means I need to choose again. Okay, I’m going to choose again to do this now, right?

Stephanie:                          So it’s kind of just explaining to them how their brain is working and processing because it all happens on autopilot. You’re not like asking yourself, “Okay, brain today, I really want to be lacking in self confidence and feel really crappy.” right? You don’t ever have to tell your brain that, it just happens automatically. So we actually have to tell it the opposite. “No, I’m not going to do this this time. I’ve I’ve had other programs in the past that maybe didn’t work. This was not going to be the same. I’ve got tons of coaching to go just hand holding a Facebook group that’s absolutely amazing. I’ve got all of these things. So why am I worried? Oh, I’m being held back from greatness with these … or all these old reasons. Okay. Now, time to be forward.” if that makes sense.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah. So, guys, I mean, we’ll wrap up in just a second. But I want to steer you back to the pre work and before the first module, right? Perfect Life vision. If we’re having this conversation, or if you’re looking 10 years down the road, looking back over these previous 10 years what are you excited? Like, what do you … what are what are you proud of? What were the things you’ve accomplished, who you’ve become, the experiences you’ve had, the people you’ve impacted. So what you’re doing is you’re not thinking ahead, you’re already there and you’re looking backwards and that actually becomes a lot easier because now you can kind of look back and be like, “Wow, I did all this stuff. I did this, I got to do this. I got to see this and experience that.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         And if you start with there, if you start with that and if you’re listening on the podcast, or you’re not in the group, this is the exercise to do. And one of the exercises is start 10 years down the road. So 2028, and you’re looking back over the previous 10 years, and all you’re doing is you’re recounting all the good things you’ve accomplished, and who you become and the way you’ve wanted to live your life over those 10 years.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And it’s pretty cool to take that perspective from already having achieved it, because we think about it differently as if it’s already done, versus well, what do I want to do in the next 10 years and almost not even believing it’s possible.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So when you think from that perspective, it’s almost like, you know, with Amy and skiing. If you think you’re already at the top of the mountain, and you can see yourself going on the slope already, it’s a lot easier than thinking to yourself, “How am I going to climb the mountain?” and a lot of this … this is why we call this “Between The Ears” guys, because a lot of the stuff is just mental mnemonics. Like how do you think about things in a different way that is going to be more empowering for you. So start with that vision get really clear and and I think this is a great time of year, right? This end of year you’ve got, what? Two weeks or so left before 2019. So cast your vision, create your vision boards, write out your goals, whatever you want to do, but you have to come back to that as much as possible, like review your stuff every single day. It’s going to be fuel.

Yuri Elkaim:                         You review your goals, you write them down and you cast that vision every single day. You remind yourself of it. And you live in your own world. You live in your own world of what’s happening. Don’t worry about what’s going on. Like my mom was over for brunch yesterday. And she’s like, “Did you hear about the fires and riots in Paris?” I was like, “No. What does that have to do with me?” Nothing. I’m focused on my vision. And I’m focused on my vision. I’m not watching the news and I’m not doing that stuff.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s almost delusional for people who don’t get this. And that’s why they live lives of mediocrity for the most part, but you have to focus on your vision and the big thing you want to accomplish in your life. Because if you’re not building your vision, you’re probably going to build someone else’s. Okay.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I don’t care who’s in office for the government, for politics, personally in my life I’ve been alive for 38 years. It doesn’t matter if we have a liberal or conservative government, or in the States, Democrat, Republican. My life has been impacted zero by what’s happened in the government. Okay. You determine your life, you determine your economy, and you determine your vision and when you live that, nothing else matters.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Okay guys. So cast your vision stay with that vision every single day and whatever else happens in your world is out of your control, it doesn’t matter it’s not really going to impact you for the most part. So focus on what you can control and that is it. So hope that makes sense to you guys.

I’m looking at a couple of comments in the group here. One of them saying, “Love the perfect life vision makes you get to that place where you can envision your success.” Absolutely. Yeah, you can see the future and it is exciting. And that’s the beautiful thing guys. You are a fortune teller that’s what you are, you’re a fortune teller, you’re a fortune teller. You’re saying, “Here’s what my life is going to be like and I’m going to make it happen.” And that’s pretty cool.

Amy:                                     It’s really cool Yuri, and one quick thing to bring it back down because you said earlier, you know, go big and then bring it back to now. So if that big vision and how do I live that? And how do I be this person? It starts with one single thought. So like Stephanie said, if you recognize that you’re like, “Oh, I don’t deserve it, I’m not worth it. Who’s really going to want to buy my program?” Notice that and then go envision that one person who’s ready to buy your program or look outside and realize like you really do have a lot of choices, whatever it is for you, if you’re having trouble like that’s too big. Bring it to the one thought right now, because that’s what you can always change is your mind. So awesome.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Totally. And it’s just a great exercise to do even before you do everything. Wake up in the morning before your enrollment calls. Focus on the positive outcome, and so we can talk about this another episode. But anyway, that’s all for today guys. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, give it a thumbs up inside the group.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Amy and Steph, thank you guys so much for joining us this morning. If you’re listening on the podcast, or if you’re watching this somewhere else and you’re interested in having us help you in 2019. Because you have to you have to ask yourself, listen if 2018 was not the year you wanted for yourself based on what you said in 2017, why waste another year, right? How much longer are you going to delay your vision from becoming a reality?

Yuri Elkaim:                         We know without without a shadow of a doubt, with 1,000% certainty that if you work with us, we’ll get you a lot closer to that vision much faster and with a lot less frustration than you would on your own. That’s no shadow of a doubt. So if that’s of interest to you and you want to help to make 2019 your best year, to get more clients coming in, to serve them at a higher level, to really make the income that you want and deserve, then watch our free training in the seven figure health business blueprint, or go to Do that now if you like it, if it resonates with you, then book a call with us and we’ll jump on the phone and figure out how we can best serve you in 2019.

Yuri Elkaim:                         All right guys, thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for tuning in. Amy, Steph, thank you guys and we’ll speak with you next week.


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