Does Your Offer Stink? Here's How to Create A Compelling One

Are you creating an offer that stinks? Do you wish you had a compelling offer so you wouldn’t lose potential clients for your health coaching program?

Why is an offer important? Well, it’s the thing you’re getting people to pay you for. And when you have a strong offer, you rarely get rejections.

The fact is, if people are rejecting your offer, it’s because they either don’t believe they’ll get the results from your health coaching program, or it’s just not attractive.

So, how do you make a compelling offer?

The key to creating an offer that people would be crazy not to accept is by having the right deliverables, payment terms, and guarantee.

Your deliverables are essentially the tools that your client is going to have access to while pursuing their goal. It could be coaching calls, a network of support, or marketing systems. Just be sure to lay the steps out in a linear fashion so that they can imagine their progress in your health coaching program.

Payment terms are also important. Giving your client some flexibility as to how and when they’ll pay will make your offer more enticing. The longer you stay in the game, however, the less you need to worry about the payment terms.

Then there’s the guarantee. This is another key part of a compelling offer because it helps you overcome doubts about whether or not they’ll get the results. Just make sure you include the right conditions.

These elements are essential to creating an offer that people never reject. Take time to craft the right offer for your health coaching program, and your clients will surely come.

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What You Missed

Let me give you the best advice that any entrepreneur can give — perseverance in business is EVERYTHING.

When you keep playing the game, your business reputation grows. And your following, sales, and everything else in your health business grows along with it.

Think of a great athlete. Michael Jordan. Wayne Gretzky. Roger Federer. How long did it take them to become the best?

For Roger Federer, it took about 15 years just to win his first major. These things don’t happen overnight. And just like them, when it comes to building a following, be prepared to spend years working towards something substantial.

But once you’ve been around a while, people start to realize you must be doing something right. The more times people see you, the better your business reputation will be. That’s why perseverance in business is the number one thing you need.

Treat your health business journey like a marathon, not a sprint. Build a foundation that will sustain you. Act out of integrity. And know that by doing things right each step of the way, you’re setting yourself up for future success.

Eventually, all of your hard work will bring results. And over time, those results will compound.

I can’t say it enough. Perseverance in business is the number one thing that will help you succeed.

At Healthpreneur, we’ve built an excellent business reputation because we’re always striving to be better. With that kind of long term vision, who knows where your health business will be ten years from now?

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