The Most Important Lesson I Got From Driving A McLaren On The Track

Can you imagine driving at 259 kilometers per hour? Well, I just did that, and I learned a key lesson about business coaching from experiencing it.

Running a business can be compared to many things. One of which is driving a McLaren 720S. I recently drove one at 259 kph with an instructor, and the whole experience says a lot about business coaching, and business collaboration.

Inviting other people into your business can be challenging, but you’ll be better off doing it. How so, you ask?

While I was doing that speed on the track in my McLaren 720S, I reflected on the danger of trying to do things by myself. It was my first time on the track, so I wasn’t well acquainted with what to do to drive effectively on the track.

Had I decided to try and drive my car at the speed he was doing without the skills, knowledge, the right business coaching, or the expertise of an expert formula one driver, I could’ve crashed it at worst, or worn out its tires at best.

As business owners, we’re often tempted to do things ourselves and depend on ourselves to get things done. While business control can be satisfying in some ways, it can be debilitating in others. What’s worse, you can make many mistakes and destroy your business in the process without the proper business coaching or business collaboration.

It’s best that we allow more experienced people to help us see the possibilities of what we can truly do in business, especially when we’re new to it, or have been going on at it but are stuck. Keep watching to see how business coaching and business collaboration can do us a lot of good in our business.

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