How’s it going, guys? Welcome to the Healthpreneur podcast! Do you know the 3 things the human body needs to survive? Oxygen, food, and sleep. Do you know the 3 things your business needs to thrive?

It needs to get leads, enroll those leads, and deliver an amazing result. If you don’t have a process to get those three things predictably, your business will never thrive. And if your system is weak in one of those three pillars, forget it.

Many people have a weak link in their business. And they’re wasting time. You’ve got to focus on high-paying clients that will pay top-dollar and demand great results. That way, you’ll show up for them, deliver, and get paid what you deserve. Tune in to hear how to do this now.

In This Episode I discuss:

1:00 – 4:00 – The three things your business needs to thrive

4:00 – 5:00 – What you must do to thrive

4:00 – 8:00 – The 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint

8:00 – 10:30 – The problem with blogs, social media trolling, and content-based game plans

10:30 – 13:00 – The value of social proof and a machine that works without you


Let me ask you a question. What are the three things the human body needs to survive? You know what they are? Well, they are oxygen, food, and sleep. Now, with food, I include water. Oxygen, food, and sleep. Those are the three things that the human body needs to survive and thrive.

The three things your business needs to thrive

Now, do you know the three things that your business needs in order to thrive? If the answer to that is no, then that’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s episode because these three things are the foundation of any successful business, no matter how small or big it is, no matter where you are in the business journey, whether you’re just starting out or scaling out to multiple millions of dollars.

Those three things are: getting leads, enrolling those leads into paying clients, and delivering an amazing result for those clients. Those are the only three things that matter in your business. Now, underneath that, obviously, those can be broken down into multiple different things. For instance, in order to get more leads, what do you do? You could be doing a podcast like this. You could be doing social media marketing, content marketing, joint ventures, all sorts of stuff. You can knock on people’s doors if you wanted to. There’s a lot of different things you could do to generate more leads, and quite frankly, that is the number one challenge. Almost everyone we speak to comes to us for is, “I’ve got this amazing expertise, but I don’t know how to generate more leads predictably into my business.”

Now, if that’s the number one problem, what else is going to be a problem? Step two, enrolling those leads and the clients because if you have no lead flow, you have no client flow. Getting more leads in is really the life blood of your business, and if you don’t have a predictable way to do that, your business is going to suffer because there’s no way that a business should be reliant on haphazard people somehow singing up with you or buying your stuff. If you don’t know your sales process, if you can’t describe your process, you don’t have a process.

It’s the biggest challenge we continue to see, and that’s why we are the leader in this industry for helping fix that problem because there are amazing health coaches and experts out there and practitioners who have this idea they want to turn into a coaching program or they’re already coaching clients, but they don’t know how other than through shear force and effort to bring clients into their business predictably. That’s the major roadblock that, if that’s not fixed, nothing else in your business matters. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best program and you deliver amazing results if nobody is even able to partake in it because they can’t find you.

The three things, again, are getting more leads in, enrolling those leads and the clients, and then delivering an amazing result for those clients.

What you must do to thrive

Now, how do you go about doing this? Well, first and foremost, you should be working with us if you are dealing with this issue. 100% you should be working with us, and if you’re not, I don’t know why not. Let’s just put it that way. You’re going to suffer for a long time. Yes, there are a lot coaches and programs out there. I don’t know what all of them entail, but I can tell you that nobody, from what I understand, from what I know, is going to the limits that we go to to help our clients succeed.

If you really want results, you gotta work with the best, and if you want to work with us, hey, we’d be happy to work with you if you fit our client criteria. First step is to learn more about our process, and if you jive with what we’re doing, then you can book a call with us and we can go to the next step.

To start that all off, go to, watch our presentation. If it resonates with you, and you’re like, “You know what? This makes a lot of sense. I want to book a call. I want to get on the phone with your coaches, and let’s figure something out,” that’s the first step to do. That’s the first step to take.

The problem with blogs, social media trolling, and content-based game plans

Now, if you are … One of the things I talk about in the presentation … It’s called the 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint because it really is a blueprint to build a seven-figure health coaching business. You could do some powerful things with four simple things. One of the things I talk about in the webinar, or on the online workshop, presentation, training whatever you want to call it, is what most people do is they do things backwards. They focus on their influence before their income, and that’s a very big problem because you have probably seen, or maybe you are this person, and I’m not trying to judge or belittle anyone, but here’s typically what happens.

I’m a coach. I want to get clients. How am I going to get clients? I gotta have a nice-looking website because that’s important because no one’s going to find my website, but when they do, it has to look good. Then I’ve gotta create a free lead magnet or something, like “Join My Newsletter” or “Here’s a Free Five-Day Challenge” or something like that. Then they’re like, “Okay, cool. Well, how do I get the message out?” Okay, I’m going to set up an Instagram account, and I’m going to start posting a lot of pictures and some really cool captions, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get that going. Cool. It’s been a couple months. I got a couple hundred followers. Not much is going on.

Still waiting for the income. Still waiting for the clients to knocking on my door. It’s not happening to the level I thought it would. Hmm, maybe this Internet thing doesn’t work out. Maybe I can’t make money as a coach. Okay, so I’m going to check out what else other people are doing.

Oh, there’s a lot of people that are doing, oh, this thing where they go into Facebook groups, a lot of them, and they start posting messages and posts every single day, day in and day out, to add value and good will and build know, like, and trust with all the people in there, and then if someone comments, “Oh, let’s have an individual discussion,” then maybe they will become my clients. Hmm. Let me try that out. Awesome. This is great. I enjoy spending hours a day inside these Facebook groups, and it’s a really predictable way of attracting new leads and clients. It’s really going well.

I could continue to do that. Then I’ve got people interested. They’re interested, and now, they’re asking me about my services and how I can help them, and that’s great. That’s awesome, but I’m trying $197 for coaching, or $50 an hour, and I need a lot of clients to really meet my lifestyle goals because if I wanted to earn $10,000 a month at $197 per month, I would need a lot of clients. What is that, is that 50 clients or … I don’t even know what that is. That’s a lot of clients. Man, that’s a lot of work. I gotta keep going and keep going and keep going. I keep reaching out to more and more people, and maybe at some point, I’ll hit that goal.

This is a typical scenario for a lot of people we speak with, and if it happens with you in any way, shape, or form, hey, just understand I get it. What I want to save you from is going down that path any further because although it can work, it will take you forever, and the likelihood of you seeing results and the income you want sooner than later is slim to none.

The value of social proof and a machine that works without you

The number one thing you need to focus on when you are starting your online business is not about going on social media, it’s not about trolling Facebook groups. It’s not about creating blog content one blog a week. Let’s get serious. If you’ve got a new website with five pages of content, do you really think Google is going to show your website to anybody? It’s not. I want to save you from the delusion of doing that.

Again, as I’ve said, my blog gets about a million unique visitors per month. Do you know how many pages of content we have? Thousands, and it’s still a small blog compared to many other big sites that have hundreds of thousands of pages of content, and even more backlinks from reputable sites to their sites. That combination is what’s going to rank you in Google.

You’re coming out with a website, you’re going to post some recipes and some pictures. Then you’re going to post that on Instagram for people to go to your website. Telling you, man, that is a losing game plan. It’s a losing game plan 100% of the time. I don’t want you to do that because it’s a waste of time. Especially if you want to coach clients and you want to earn top dollar for your work, do not do stuff that is not effective.

The number one thing you need to be doing when you’re starting your business is you need to focus on getting a couple clients, charging top dollar to work with them, transform their life. That’s where it starts. Nothing else matters. I don’t care what you have to do. You can do the Facebook trolling, the Instagram stuff, whatever you want to do, but the first thing you have to do is you have to get those first couple of clients, and once you get those clients, you gotta be charging thousands of dollars to work with them. So someone’s working with you for four, six, eight, 12 weeks, it’s gotta be minimum $3,000, not like $197 a month. You will never, never meet your income goals doing that unless you’re an amazing marketer and you can drive massive amounts of volume, which 95% of people are not.

You need to get a handful of clients. You need to be charging $3-5,000 a piece, because if you think about it, at five clients at 3,000 each, what is that? That’s $15,000 already. That’s not too bad. That’s more that what a lot of people make in a year in their first one or two years online based on what we’ve seen. You gotta transform their lives, and then build that social proof. That’s the first thing you gotta do is you have to figure out that you can work and really help people. That’s the most important thing.

Now you’ve got social proof that you can use in your social marketing and all that kind of stuff, but above and beyond that, even while you’re working with your clients, what’s happening? You need to have a predictable machine that’s bringing new leads and clients into your front door every single day without your involvements because if you don’t have that, when you’re finished with that round of clients, what do you do? You hop back on the treatment, and you hustle, you hustle, you hustle, and it’s not predictable. It’s not sustainable. It’s not scalable.

If this speaks to you, and you want a much more predictable way of having a stream, and I’m talking about a stream, an endless stream of new leads and clients coming into your business every single day, then we can help you. We have the solution to this.

Again, I’ll just direct you back to our presentation, the 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint. You’ll get everything you need to understand the four steps to doing this. If you want our help, we can talk about that as well at the end of that.

The link for that is

Go there today because if you need to really figure out these three things in your business, getting leads, enrolling them to clients, and delivering an amazing result, that’s all that matters, and we can help you in all three of those levels in a very, very big way and helping you achieve those results 10 times faster than anything else you’ve probably thought of doing or are currently doing. I know that sounds like a big promise, but it’s the way we roll. That’s the way it works. Our clients are getting great results, we’re getting great results, and we can help you as well.

Check out the training right now. Take the first step. Take the next step, and then let’s get your business moving into the direction where it needs to be because you don’t deserve to suffer for the next couple of years really efforting and hustling and trying to make this work for pennies on the dollar.

Let’s get you started. Let’s get you making the money you deserve. Let’s get you transforming people’s lives, and let’s do so in a way that actually builds a business, not a job that requires 10 times more effort on your part.

In the meantime, do that today. I look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Continue to be great, do great, and we’ll see you then.


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